Technical Data



Australian Standard

The expanded polystyrene core (EPS) of panels possesses the properties Designated under Australian Standard 1366, Part 3-1992. EPS contains no fluorocarbon

Panel Lining

0.6mm CRP Colorbond (R) prepainted steel most commonly used. (off white, 25% gloss). Alternative colours and lining material options available.

Mill finish aluminium trims standard

Panel Adhesive

Panel linings bonded to EPS core with synthetic thermo-setting polyurethane adhesive creating a permanently stable panel under a wide range of conditions and temperatures, thereby avoiding the adverse and deforming tendencies often synonymous with thermo plastic adhesives.

Panel Dimensions

Width: Length: Thickness: 1200mm Standard manufactured to customer’s requirements and only limited to transport constraints as per general properties table

Panel Assembly

Prefabricated panels are assembled and sealed to form an effective vapour barrier. No framework or stud system is used in this construction system. The high strength to weight ratio of panel generally allows wall construction without the need for load bearing foundations. A steel framed roof is normally required where panels are used for ceiling/roof construction in large buildings

Elevated Surface Temperature

Maximum continuous surface temperature is 76.7°C, although panel can be exposed to higher temperatures for short period without affecting its properties